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Helping People Achieve Optimal Living is What this USAF Veteran Does for a Living

After nearly a year of beginning my journey of transformation and self-discovery, I’m finally in a position to travel the world and spread the ripple effect of making positive changes to the world one community at a time. It begins with what we eat and ends with how the mind, body, and soul feel. I am beyond blessed to be a Certified Health Coach and a part of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition family. I have a good friend and former Airman I was stationed overseas with to thank for introducing me to this life-changing program. As a Health Educator, my goal is to guide people towards optimal living, helping them become the best versions of themselves. I do this by setting forth a plan-of-action to achieve their mind, body, and spiritual goals (what I call “Soul Goals”). Two Soul Goals of mine are writing and traveling. I combined those two goals of mine to create this page to promote health and travel items that I as a health coach feel will best benefit you as a potential health and travel nut!

I grew up a military brat and I myself was in the Air Force for 7 years. Those two life factors alone give you a good glimpse into why I love to travel. To top it off, I worked in the airline industry for about a year and a half as my first job outside the military. That only increased my thirst for travel and exploration. I was spoiled by the travel benefits American Airlines provided me. I hadn’t known it yet, but I’d found a calling of mine.

Unfortunately, a combination of negative life experiences forced my hand. I had to leave my airline job for the one that pays the bills. I eventually ended up enrolling in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Nov 2016), leaving my job, ending my toxic 3-year relationship, and moving to Washington state in Jan 2017. I bounced around a couple of jobs while leaning on the strong support of my family to keep myself afloat while I finished my year at the health coach institution. Upon graduation, I continued to pursue my dreams of traveling the world as a health educator, spreading the ripple effect and making changes one community at a time. I am excited and proud to say I am in the airline industry again! I thank Horizon Air for another blessed opportunity to hit the open world!

My health, wellness, and travel site is dedicated to promoting and reviewing top quality healthy foods, vitamin and mineral products, safe and effective fitness supplements, excellent self-help books, and travel products. I am a proud Amazon Associate as well as an affiliate of a few other networks. Any affiliate links clicked on and resulting in a purchase I will receive compensation for. Not only will I recommend the most trusted and highest quality products, My content promises to be useful, informative, entertaining, and of good value. I am dedicated to giving you the most valuable and helpful content through writing blogs and posting videos.

As I expand my brand and knowledge, I will continue to add content to the site for improvement. Furthermore, because my branding is in the beginning stages, there will be ordinary changes for the first few months, i.e. changing my logo, domain name, welcome page, and web design. This is necessary as I mold my brand, so I do apologize for any conveniences in advance!

I’d like to once again thank you again for coming to my wellness and travel page. If you have any questions or just want to start a conversation please feel free to leave a comment. I hope you find the products you are looking for and that you find the content here very useful and helpful!

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