1-on-1 Personal Nutrition

  • Begin your personal health journey through creating healthy eating habits
  • Get a meal plan tailored to your food preferences
  • Get health tips and coaching through the comfort of your home: virtual FaceTimes and phone chats for convenience
  • Start seeing physical changes in yourself within 14 days
  • PDFs with personalized health and fitness information



  • Weigh Less, Live Longer

    • Learn the primary culprits of weight gain and obesity, including food, stress, and lack of exercise
    • Learn which foods to avoid and which ones to include more of
    • Identify the foods, vitamins, and minerals needed to meet your specific weight and fitness goals
  • Sugar Blues

    • Learn how sugar impacts your weight, health, mood, and energy
    • Identify the common sugar foods and beverages and how to cut down/replace them
  • Healthy Aging

    • Identify foods, vitamins, and minerals needed to slow down or reverse symptoms of aging
    • Learn the factors involved in speeding the aging process, such as chemicals from food, your environment, and stress
    • Identify supplements and products most beneficial for healthy aging
  • Health & Wealth

    • Learn about the importance of health to our financial success and happiness
    • Learn about the opportunities to gain residual income through health and financial education
    • Get introduced to life-changing health & CBD products as well as financial services.
    • CBD tasting