About Vitamin Voyager

I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and proud Air Force Veteran of seven years specializing in trip planning centered around physical, mental, and spiritual health. I became a Health Coach to help others achieve optimal level of health and happiness and to serve as an eternally listening ear to those seeking help and self-improvement. Another strong passion of mine is travel and exploration. I’ve been in the airline industry for two years and love the atmosphere of travel. As both an Army brat and Air Force veteran, I know a thing or two about traveling, both the good and the bad. Being a frequent traveler, I’ve learned the tips, tricks, and hacks necessary to travel both smart and healthy. With these two of my primary passions, I knew I could find a way to combine my professional health coaching services with my passion for travel and meeting new people. I decided the best way to achieve this is to do my due diligence in the ever-growing field of Wellness Tourism, study the field and find solutions and products for common problems, and develop a program for my clients that effectively meshes the pleasures of health and wellness practices and the endless possibilities that traveling the world has to offer. I’m excited every day as I grasp and absorb the never-ending flow of knowledge and information in the Nutrition, Wellness, Fitness, and Travel/Tourism fields as I craft my expertise as a Health and Wellness Travel Coach!

The Mission of Vitamin Voyager

My mission is to revolutionize the way we travel with a heavy emphasis on Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness, Nature, and Exploration as key components to your health and wellbeing.

Travel should never be a stressful situation. No matter the circumstance, travel should impact your health and happiness in a positive way. It should be a time to get away from the ordinary flow of life. How you choose to get away is up to you.

Nutrition, Exercise, Mindfulness, Nature, and Exploration are the pillars of my service. Not only do I plan your whole vacation centered around places like spas, hiking destinations, kayaking, biking, and much more, my services put a heavy emphasis on healthy eating. Around these outdoor and tourism locations are tons of local farmer’s markets and small business restaurants and shops geared towards optimal health and environmental conservation. There is a whole new world of unique, fun and healthy food destinations and events for you to get out there and experience!

Services and Credentials

I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I received in-depth training in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Coaching Skills, and Business Development. Along with my health coaching practice, I lead workshops connecting health and wellness professionals with travel and tourism professionals. I also raise awareness of the Wellness Tourism field, serving as a mobile resource center for these business professionals, introducing them to the endless career and partnership opportunities within the Wellness Tourism industry.

I am always open to new experiences, and would love to discuss ideas and potential partnerships while also talking about the potential for innovation within the Wellness Travel field with anyone sharing the same enthusiasm and excitement for the industry!

Please feel free to contact me via this email at anthonyjrichard17@gmail.com, phone number (803)-609-7940, my LinkedIn profile under Anthony J. Richard, or any of my Social Media pages (FB, Twitter, IG, SC) under @vitaminvoyager for either my Health and Wellness Travel Coaching services or potential partnerships. Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and I look forward to the possibility of where this may lead!



(803) 609-7940

Education Background:

Institute For Integrative Nutrition:

1-Year Program Covers:

  • Primary Nutrition (Relationship, Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity) and Secondary (Food) Nutrition
  • Importance of Nutrition to our Health & Wellbeing
  • 100+ Different Diet Theories
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Meal Planning
  • Bio-Individuality (One person’s medicine is another person’s poison)
  • Healthy Habits for Energy and Better Sleep
  • Importance of Physical Fitness to Wellbeing
  • Fitness Planning
  • Self-Care
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Benefits of Yoga
  • Meditation Techniques and Benefits of Meditation
  • Coaching Techniques and Practices
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Growth
  • Marketing Techniques and Social Media Marketing
  • Legal Business Practices and Contracts

Arizona State University:

Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Related Classes:

  • Advanced Human Nutrition I
  • Applications in Human Nutrition
  • Applied Food Principles
  • Community Nutrition
  • Cultural Aspects of Food
  • Food Services Purchasing
  • Health Communications
  • Human Nutrition
  • Intro/Plan Therapeutic Diets
  • Intro/Prof/Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Nutrition Management & Leadership
  • Nutrition In the Life Cycle
  • Western Diet

Business, Marketing, and Finance Related Classes:

  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Essentials of Selling
  • Macroeconomic Principles
  • Management and Strategy
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