About Me

Professional and Educational Background

I’m a proud Air Force Veteran of seven years with over 100 credits from Arizona State University. I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I spent a full year receiving in-depth training in Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Coaching, Life Skills, and Business Development.

My Role As a Holistic Health Coach, and the Vitamin Voyager Mission

My role as a Holistic Health and Life Coach is to guide Millennials seeking to discover themselves. My mission is to create worldwide change by connecting people to their inner-self, with the faith that they will use that light to further spread positive change. I post educational, informational, and motivational videos to my YouTube channel, which also features videos discussing the social issues currently affecting Millennials, and finding ways to come up with solutions through unity and or commonalities. I also create social media content through my @vitaminvoyager tag, utilizing social media platforms to strategically guide my followers and raise awareness of social issues in a positive manner.

Contact Information

I am always open to new experiences, and would love to discuss ideas and potential partnerships while also talking about the potential for innovation within the Holistic Health and Life Coach field with anyone sharing the same enthusiasm and excitement and passion for guiding and motivating!

Please feel free to contact me via this email at anthonyjrichard17@gmail.com, phone number, LinkedIn, or any of my Social Media pages (FB, YouTube, Twitter, IG, SC) under @vitaminvoyager. Thank you so much for exploring the Vitamin Voyager Network, and I look forward to hearing your perspectives!

Anthony J. Richard


Education Background:

Institute For Integrative Nutrition:

1-Year Program Covers:

  • Primary Nutrition (Relationship, Career, Spirituality, Physical Activity) and Secondary (Food) Nutrition
  • Importance of Nutrition to our Health & Wellbeing
  • 100+ Different Diet Theories
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Meal Planning
  • Bio-Individuality (One person’s medicine is another person’s poison)
  • Healthy Habits for Energy and Better Sleep
  • Importance of Physical Fitness to Wellbeing
  • Fitness Planning
  • Self-Care
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Benefits of Yoga
  • Meditation Techniques and Benefits of Meditation
  • Coaching Techniques and Practices
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Growth
  • Marketing Techniques and Social Media Marketing
  • Legal Business Practices and Contracts

Arizona State University:

Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Related Classes:

  • Advanced Human Nutrition I
  • Applications in Human Nutrition
  • Applied Food Principles
  • Community Nutrition
  • Cultural Aspects of Food
  • Food Services Purchasing
  • Health Communications
  • Human Nutrition
  • Intro/Plan Therapeutic Diets
  • Intro/Prof/Nutrition/Dietetics
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Nutrition Management & Leadership
  • Nutrition In the Life Cycle
  • Western Diet
  • Alternative and Contemporary Nutrition

Business, Marketing, and Finance Related Classes:

  • Accounting and Financial Analysis
  • Essentials of Selling
  • Macroeconomic Principles
  • Management and Strategy