About Me

Anthony J. Richard is a certified Holistic Health Coach, Personal Nutritionist, and 7-year Air Force Veteran. He studied Nutrition at Arizona State University where he received over 100 nutrition and business-oriented credit hours. He then went on to attend the Institute For Integrative Nutrition for a year where he received further personal nutrition training as well as other holistic training involved in health and wellbeing.

Anthony’s mission is to travel the world spreading awareness of the importance of nutrition to our livelihood. He partners with other health professionals as well as wealth professionals to broaden his team and influence. He also partners with supplement and CBD distributors to share products he genuinely believes will improve his clients and students’ health and wellbeing.

Anthony also has a strong desire to improve the communities he’s involved with, to include the African American and U.S. Veteran populations. He works closely with these communities, providing resourceful information for health, career, and financial opportunities.