Linden Schaffer: Key Player in the Wellness Travel Industry

Today on my daily video sharing what I’ve learned in the Wellness Travel industry, I spoke about Linden Schaffer. Schaffer is a prominent figure in the industry and arguably the pioneer of what it is today.

Linden Schaffer’s story is fascinating because she starts out like most of us. She used to work in the fashion industry, another thing she enjoys. When she realized the work was not making her happy and was, in fact, stressing her out physically, mentally, and emotionally, she decided to find a way for herself to unwind by planning her own wellness trips. This repetitive self-care practice centered around her health began to light a spark in her soul, and she made the decision to become a Wellness Travel expert and consultant.

Schaffer founded Pravassa, a health and wellness travel company where she creates both group and individualized trip itineraries for clients wanting to regain productivity and creativity. She also contributes some of her work to The Huffington Post and, another wellness site she founded.

A key player in the Wellness Travel industry, be sure to check out her blogs here to stay up-to-date within the industry and possibly book your next fully rejuvenating trip!

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