Mobile Health and Wellness Professionals Needed in Alaska!

I’m here in the gorgeous town of Ketchikan, Alaska scouting the area for Wellness Travel hotspots. I’ve talked to several of the locals here now about the different activities and local businesses related to health and wellness, and most of them are saying the same thing: people are looking for health and wellness practitioners up here! Many of the ones here enjoy their clientele and the quiet, peaceful atmosphere the beautiful Alaskan bay town has to offer. Another thing the locals are saying is that those who teach yoga and meditation here are often travelers who come and go or are seasonal. If this is your field and you’re already teaching your own classes, this could be a GREAT chance to expand your clientele while also getting to travel!View of the town of Ketchikan, AK and the New York Cafe from The Inn and Creek Street.

I didn’t have enough time to tour all of the yoga and meditation spots this time around, as my focus on this one was local cool and unique healthy food spots. I’ll be coming back in a couple of weeks with those two wellness practices solely in mind and I’ll be sure to update this blog post to include a list of contacts you can reach who are working within the field up here!

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