I’m not a believer in a god. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. But I do believe in divinity. It shows Itself in the most unexpected times. Particularly in the subconscious of my dreams. Some believe sleep is akin to death. To me, sleep is akin to life.

I was with a friend of mine, a female friend. She may have been The One from San Francisco. I’m not too sure. My brother was there too. We were having a Thanksgiving-like dinner at an apartment. Oscar’s two daughters were there. For some strange reason, his daughters really took a liking to me. It shocked me because I’m not the most fun person with children.

Oscar is someone I once called brother. An older role model to me I never had growing up. A Mexican immigrant, Oscar represented adversity and strength unique to that culture. Although our cultures and upbringing starkly contrasted one another, we had similar souls. He helped sculped the current man I am through his work ethic and commitment to what was his; his family, daughters, and skills that carried him through life.

When dinner was over, he gave my friend a call to let Her know he was coming to pick up the girls. While waiting, the youngest daughter decided it was time for 21 questions. She is such a bright young lady, and those questions were the very reason. The oldest had always been more closed off to those she wasn’t used to. But this night she allowed those walls to be let down. Maybe it was because she observed the trust from her little sister.

When Oscar arrived to pick up his girls, he came with a surprise; a newborn baby boy. I’ve always been uncomfortable with newborn babies. I don’t know what it is, but that’s just how it’s been. But he asked if I wanted to hold him. Without hesitation, I held out my arms and held the newborn. He looked just like him. I then signaled if it was ok if my friend could hold him, then gave the baby to Her. She absolutely adored him.

As my older brother was getting ready to head off, my youngest brother ran over to the car to ask him one last favor before he drove off. I have an idea of what it was, but I wasn’t at the car to hear their conversation, so it’s all speculation. She and I were talking amongst one another while they continued to chat. As with my dream in San Francisco, the whole world suddenly turned a brilliant gold, the Sun became larger than life and shrouded in clouds, and everything seemed to lift to the heavens.

I love sleeping for this very reason. It’s not necessarily to get away from this amazing life I have but to get a glimpse of the life ahead. My dreams reassure me I’ll see my loved ones again.

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