3 Simple and Effective Tips For Traveling Light

Traveling light is more challenging than many of us think. We could easily create a laundry list of things to bring with us on our adventures. Things that come to mind include books/magazines, travel pillows, and half of our wardrobe. Sure, traveling with a cozy neck pillow is ideal, but do you really need it? How much space would you save if you just used a sweater instead?

Although packing heavy seems convenient, it winds up being counterproductive in the long run. Have you ever gotten off the plane to your destination, giddy with excitement, only to realize you still have more luggage to carry on top of your carry-on? There have been a few times where I arrived at my destination with two carry-ons and two larger pieces of luggage waiting at baggage claim. Why?

With that being said, there are good reasons why traveling light is a great idea. You may be wondering exactly what would be the best items to bring. This question doesn’t have a right or wrong answer, but I will share with you key things that I bring with me on my regular endeavors.

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Always Have Toiletries

This may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how much travelers spend on small item toiletries. These items include toothpaste, a toothbrush, tissues, toilet paper, brushes, combs, deodorant, cologne/perfume, etc. Of course, not all of these items apply for every trip you take. For example, no toilet paper is needed when your company pays for your hotel room. Going out to the lake for the weekend, however, a roll or two is ideal.

To keep your toiletries light, remember to bring only what you know you’ll use. If you’re only gone for the weekend, there’s no need for a full stick of toothpaste and deodorant. This is where buying the mini travel packs come in handy. Believe it or not, these pint-sized toiletries go a long way in saving bag space!

Bring Your Chargers

Nowadays, it’s difficult to travel anywhere without bringing any of your electronic devices. Whether it’s your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or a combination of the three, our electronics have become a part of our daily lives. I dare say it’s now a necessity in this day in age to carry at least one of these technological devices. With that being said, it’s important you always bring your chargers! There’s no worse feeling than hitting the open road and double-checking your backpack, only to realize you didn’t wrap up your laptop charger.

Well, maybe you’ll luck out and there will be a computer room at the hotel you’re staying at.

Invest In A Good Backpack

Last, but certainly not least, when traveling light, be sure to invest in a really good, sturdy mid-sized backpack. The backpack should have at least 2 medium and large-sized compartments with a few front and side pouches. The reason these items are a must when buying a backpack is that these compartments will be absolutely stuffed. Every nook and cranny of space will be filled. Why? Because this is literally the only bag you’re going to bring.

Sounds impossible right? You may be thinking this can’t happen on a week-long business trip: Sure it can! Remember you’re bringing only what you need. Think about it: You’re already wearing some clothes and a pair of shoes at the airport. You may need just another pair of shoes, two pairs of work clothes, and maybe another pair of hotel clothes, and you’re all set! Despite the seemingly heavy load, this all can fit in a nice mid-sized sturdy backpack.

Traveling Light Is Not As Difficult As You Think

Traveling light can be easier said than done. However, when you put it in perspective, all of the things listed above are really all you need. You have your toiletries for hygiene, your chargers for all of your electronics, and a sturdy mid-sized bag that you can still bring with you as carry-on luggage. When laid out like this, what more could you ask for?

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