3 Easy Ways To Travel Cheap

I get your pain. Everything seems like it’s out of grasp when you’re broke, including traveling. You see amazing flight and hotel package deals on commercials to beautiful destinations. It takes your mind and soul to an amazing place. But then you start tallying up just how much a vacation like that would be. The good news, though, is that there are very simple ways to travel cheap, ones right under your nose. These tips will especially turn on a light for the nature enthusiasts.

1) Buy A Bike On Facebook Marketplace

Believe it or not, you’ll find some really good deals on the Facebook Marketplace. Like Craigslists, there are different categories to choose from, one of those being transportation. Of course, as a buyer of an untrusted source, you have to be cautious. It’s highly advised to either know a thing or two about bikes or bring someone with you who does.

How Does Getting A Cheap Bike Get You On The Road?

Simple: Having a set of wheels is better than not having a set of wheels. Sure, walking is peaceful, healthy, and certainly gets you to shorter destinations, but with a bicycle, you open whole new routes. Furthermore, you’re saving so much more time riding your bike to explore your nearby surroundings.

2) Taking A Bus Is One Of The Top Ways To Travel Cheap!

It can’t be emphasized enough how little this amazing transportation gift is not taken advantage. You can take the local metro bus and just let it take you to a new part of the city/town you’ve never been or you can venture further with a Greyhound. Whichever one you choose to do, riding the bus provides countless benefits.

For starters, it’s fairly cheap. When you think about it, forking over $2.75 one-way to take you wherever that bus route takes you is really pretty generous. It’s also an excellent way to travel cheap and explore a large city or neighboring one.

If you decide to take the Greyhound, you’ll be delighted to know that this too is one of those life-hacks in terms of ways to travel cheap. For example, I live in Tacoma, WA. For me to travel down to Portland, OR and see the beautiful scenery along the way, all it cost for a round-trip Greyhound ticket is $50! This is why it makes absolutely no sense to not take advantage of this cheap way to travel.

3) Look For Deals And Rent An Environment-Friendly Car.

Maybe you already have a car like this and don’t need to rent one. But if you’re like many Americans, you love your gas-guzzlers. Traveling with a gas-guzzler adds up to one hell of an expense (believe me, I know). This is why it might be beneficial for you to rent! Enterprise Rent-A-Car has excellent holiday deals, with their rentals going for $9/night this past Memorial Day weekend and a few weeks afterward!

What grabbing a nice, cheap, gas-saving rental car does is allow you to venture out as far as you’d like to without worrying about constantly keeping your eye on the meter. Think about how far you can go from where you are in six hours. On top of that, think of the things you can see and do, both en route to your destination and once you reach it (if there was even one determined). I myself have used this way to travel cheap numerous times, with over 100 road trips under my belt. Believe me when I say you can see sooooo much of the world around you even by driving to a nearby town you’ve never previously explored.

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The World Is Free So Get Out There And See It!

There’s no doubt how easy it is to get caught up in our daily worries. After all, part of the perceived American Dream is working really really hard to play even harder. The trick to life is that you don’t necessarily work harder, but rather smarter. This means work just enough to pay your bills. Then conserve, stretch your money and go see the world! There are plenty of ways to travel cheap. Of course, these are only a few ways, and they’re confined to a more local area. Nevertheless, there are new things to be discovered and explored everyday. The reality is, travel is travel, no matter how far from home base you are!

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