This Is The Best Moment Of My Life

Author: Anthony J. Richard

Date: March 30, 2017

At this very moment is the best moment of my life. I’m here, living on a hilltop in Tacoma, WA. I’m looking out of my window and I see green. Green everywhere. I see snow-topped mountains in the distance. It’s a cloudy day, but I know Mt. Rainier looms in the not too far distance. I know Puget Sound is just around the corner. The city life of the Greater Seattle Area evident by the engines of cars driving up and down the street. Mix that sound with the sound of leaves and watching the green trees gently sway in the faint wind, knowing I have family near me, a roof over my head, and food to eat, this is the best moment of my life. This very Breath I take, connects me to the Present. Everything around me this very moment. This moment is the very best moment of my life, because it’s guaranteed. It’s happening. At this moment, with this very air I Breathe as I’m writing this, I know that I have family, close friends, and an amazing opportunity to do what I love doing for a living. It doesn’t matter how tough it’s been in the past. Although memories last an eternity, the past no longer exists, and never will again. The future is a vision that doesn’t exist until you start working and living in the Present. The Present is now.  I have a past, with memories that will last beyond this lifetime, but I do not live in the past. If I cannot Breathe in the past, why live in the past? I have a vision of what I want my future to be. I get excited knowing the work I’m doing now is Presently building my future. But I do not live in the future. If I cannot guarantee tomorrow’s breaths, why live in the future? This very moment is guaranteed. Why not take advantage of that? What and who I have around me, in front of me, in my life, as I take these Breaths now, is what I have. It is what matters. It is sweet reality. It is Life. Being Present is the gift of Life, and it’s the most precious present I will ever be given. I am guaranteed the Sun being up right now. I am guaranteed the beauty the Earth brings me as I write this very moment. I am guaranteed the breath I am breathing right now. This very moment, right now, is the best moment of my life.

And I am alive to experience it.

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