Getting the Gist of Probiotics

Probiotics can be quite tricky. Not many understand just how vital gut health is. More glaringly, however, is that a lot of research is still to be done on gut bacteria and the use of probiotics. My experience alone hasn’t been plentiful with them. About a month ago, my brother sent me an interesting article. It was about research stating that the Danon and the Yoplait yogurt we’re so used to eating are not as loaded with those gut bacteria as we’d love to think, which minimizes the the benefits of the probiotic effect. They oftentimes also lack the power-punching bacteria, the ones that aid the most in boosting your immunity. This certainly doesn’t mean these particular  brands of yogurt are unhealthy or to refrain from eating them, but it definitely does mean you have to take this into consideration if your primary reason for eating yogurt is the gut benefits.

There are a few articles and videos about about how to choose the right probiotic, and the general consensus is that good probiotics have : 1) A moderate amount of the bacteria, ranging anywhere from 1-20 billion bacteria, 2) An abundance of different strains present, as the more bacteria strains that are present, the more effective they are for your immune system, and 3) The growth medium, which means how are the bacteria being kept alive? When taken in conjunction with complex carbs such as whole foods, it keeps the bacteria alive and sends a whole thriving colony into your gut as a result of them being fed. Some products, such as New Chapter’s Ultimate Flora, emphasize this as a marketing point, with their product having more complex sugars from whole foods than their competitors.

Here are some of a few of the more effective brands based on the three criteria above:

  1. New Chapter’s Ultimate Flora
  2. MegaFlora from MegaFoods
  3. Suprema Dophilus

I personally am a “go big or go home” type of guy and feel like the best way to get the best bang for my buck, and results also, would be to decide the top 3 products, then choose the one with the most bacteria ranging between 1-20 billion. In this case, I want to first try Suprema Dophilus. Now a probiotic’s effectiveness can be very difficult to gauge, as there is no real way to measure its, but I will certainly give the product a try and give my input on it, as well as a picture of the bottle and the pill itself!

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