My Mission and Role as a Holistic Health Guide, Coach, and Educator.

My mission is to help people create and maintain healthy lifestyle habits through a large online space that serves as a holistic guide, support and networking system. Not only will my influence as a Holistic Health Educator be a factor in your growth, so will the support and tips from your peers in the network created in the Vitamin Voyager Network.

Adversity and circumstances are the primary obstacle standing between your current self and the extraordinary being you truly are. A weak mindset will allow these obstacles to remain there. This is why I stress the amazing benefits of mindfulness practices. These practices along with setting firm, baby-step habits and establishing a guide to graduating into larger, impactful habits that change your life are the primary tools I use to help guide my clients and subscribers to their healthiest, happiest, truest version of themselves.

Passionate About Building a Healthy, Happy Future For Yourself? Have Some Questions About Nutrition, Fitness, and the Amazing Benefits of Mindfulness Practices? Join the Discussion!

Self-Discovery Starts With Owning Your Life.

Perspective Is Everything; Find What Light’s Your Soul On Fire!

The Vitamin Voyager Network, through the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat platforms, regularly features videos discussing questions I receive from people I talk to regarding healthy habit maintenance, workout tips, nutrition and food tips, yoga, meditation, and other related holistic lifestyle questions. I also feature frequent motivational tips and stories from personal experiences to connect with my audience and help uplift them by realizing anything truly is possible if you put your mind, body, and soul to it.

The Best Part?

You are a part of the network in every way! On the @vitaminvoyager Facebook page, you can post your own videos about anything on your soul: getting fit, eating right, social events, relationships, career and entrepreneur tips, spirituality, you name it! The community then responds with their own opinions, experience, and perspective. We even connect and invite one another to events to network for personal business reasons!

Sounds like a pretty fun little community, right?

If any of this sounds like the kind of experience and community you would love to be a part of, click here to follow my Facebook page and join the discussion; Self-discovery starts with owning YOUR life!

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