About Me

My Mission

My mission is to guide men towards self-actualization and optimum health, happiness, and freedom no matter their age.

My bread and butter is Personal Growth and Development. Mind, body, soul personal growth and development. Everything I learn, practice, and teach is related to personal growth for men, from taking care of their body with the food and nutrition they put into it, to personalized fitness routines, mindfulness and spiritual practices and techniques, and job/career/entrepreneurial tips to get them on the right track towards freedom and happiness.

Why Focus On Men?

I’ve noticed a need for self-care for men and helping them achieve a happy, healthy, fulfilled lifestyle. As a single man and military veteran in my late 20s with no children, my perspective has allowed me to see just how lost, far behind, and unhappy many men are, of all ages and backgrounds. Furthermore, as the Health Coaching business continues to soar, I find it hard to find a coach tailored specifically for men, by a man. Not only do I wish to help and guide men towards ultimate freedom and happiness, I want to revolutionize the Holistic Health field for men and the way we view and approach health.

My Background and the Reason For My Passion

I’m a Holistic Health Coach, but more importantly, I specialize in men’s mind/body/soul(Self) personal growth and development. My reason for specifically helping men achieve their goals in all areas of life is deep-rooted.

Through my own trials and errors, as well as lacking direction post Air Force, I realized how tough it is to be successful and happy. I also realized how many other men were in the same boat.

I’ve discovered there’s a strong need for men’s advocates, talking about everything from depression, heartbreak, and anger management, to being in love, handling emotions, healthy eating, body image, social issues and politics, and spiritual practices such meditation and yoga.

As times flip and the general consensus’ idea of “masculinity” changes, I’ve found that many men have been trying to reach out for help in all of these areas for years. In a growing field such as Health & Wellness, men are still heavily under represented holistically.

It took me roughly two years to really discover my niche (again, a lot of trial and error lol), but I just needed hindsight to put it altogether, something I want to stress heavily to anyone reading. These things take time, patience, support, and guidance.

I’ve had clients who were simply not a match with my and my coaching style. I’d also confuse people; was I a nutritionist? Fitness professional? Life Coach? A Real Estate Agent? My audience wasn’t as clear-cut and it reflected in my businesses.

It wasn’t until recently where a female colleague of mine emphasized that her primary target is women that it began to click for me. Even if you look up health coaching, you’ll find many who cater specifically to women’s personal growth and development.

I used to feel guilty for wanting to focus only on men. It was hard for me to turn down women clients who sought out my help. But then I realized that’s what business partners are for. I have numerous women of similar profession in my circle to refer them to.

But my true passion is guiding men through the trials and tribulations of life. To be a co-pioneer in this shift on what it means to be a man in today’s world. To guide them on their journey through the process of self-actualization. To be the voice of hope, faith, and infinite possibilities for men of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities.

This is why I post on so many topics such as nutrition, fitness, love and dating, business and entrepreneurship, social and political issues, and spiritual things like gratitude and mediation. Even my knowledge in real estate has been able to help some men I’ve talked to. I take a holistic approach to everything because it takes so many cogs to get this happiness machine running and running consistently.

Well anyways, I’d like to thank you for visiting my page! To schedule a free initial consultation or for my writing/copywriting services, message me through my FB business page, Call or text me at (253)-448-3224, or email me at anthonyjrichard17@gmail.com.

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