Own Your Life, Steer Your Own Ship, Be a Self-Sufficient, New Age Man

Transformation begins with you, but is sustained through a powerful network and support system. Join the Vitamin Voyager Network to become the truest version of "You" through individualized healthy physical, mental, and spiritual habits, complete with guidance from a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a powerful networking system with holistic health-oriented, like-minded individuals like you and I!


The “New Age” Man

Gone are the days where being on the prowl and saying yes to everything that comes your way is a masculine necessity. If you haven’t noticed yet, women are picky. When they get to a certain point or experience in their life, they know exactly what they want, even if it’s just for fun (this is where men start getting hurt).

This is where you understand your worth as a man and your individuality as a human being being.

MAKE YOURSELF A COMMODITY. Start creating healthy lifestyle habits that maximizes your potential in every area of your life: nutrition, fitness, finances, career/business, relationships with those in your life, spirituality. When you take control and own every aspect of your life, things (and people) start gravitating towards YOU!

Another key thing: Stop letting women run you. Believe it or not, the modern-day man’s fixation on chasing tail and letting women get the best of them with mind games severely hampers their growth and progress in all other areas in their life (like finances, for example). Let’s end this cycle of self-destruction and start creating a life of self-sufficiency and independence! Nothing or no one should ever be pulling YOUR strings.

My Mission and Role as a Male Holistic Health Guide, Coach, and Educator.

My mission is to help young men, from high school graduates to men just breaking their 30’s, create and maintain healthy habits and a self-sufficient lifestyle through a large online space that serves as a holistic guide, support and networking system for men seeking achieve their happiest, healthiest, and truest version of themselves. My own youthful experiences and Air Force background heavily influence my style and approach to coaching.

Not only will my influence as a Holistic Health Educator be a factor in your continued growth and journey as a man, so will the support and tips from your peers in the network created here.

Adversity and circumstances are the primary obstacles standing between your current self and the extraordinary being you truly are. A weak mindset will allow these obstacles to remain there. This is why I stress the amazing benefits of mindfulness practices. Believe it or not, many men today are now turning to these practices and acknowledging the benefits!

These practices, along with setting firm, baby-step habits and establishing a guide to graduating into larger, more impactful habits that change your life, are the primary tools I use to help guide my clients and subscribers to their healthiest, happiest, truest version of themselves.

The Vitamin Voyager Network Is For the Man Who Is:

  • Striving for self-sufficiency
  • Seeking to get into good physical shape
  • Wanting to improve your nutrition habits
  • Seeking inner growth and guidance
  • Aiming to gain better control of your finances
  • Tired of negative circles as well as toxic relationships
  • Exploring different career or business ideas
  • Needing a network of judgement-free people who understand where you’re coming from

Any of this sound like the kind of experience and community you would love to be a part of? Click here to follow my Facebook page and join a network of diverse young men seeking self-sufficiency and maximizing their true potential with a holistic approach; Self-discovery starts with owning YOUR life!

The Best Part?

You are a part of a network full of determined, resilient New Aged Men like yourself in every way! On the @vitaminvoyager Facebook page, you can post your own videos about anything on your soul: getting fit, eating right, social events, relationships, career and entrepreneur tips, spirituality, you name it! The community then responds with their own opinions, experience, and perspective. We even connect and invite one another to events to network for personal business reasons!

Sounds like a pretty fun little community, right?

Are You Ready To Be Real With Yourself? Are You Ready To Man Up, OWN Your Life and Build a Healthy, Happy Future For Yourself? Join the Discussion!

Self-Discovery Starts With Owning Your Life.

The Vitamin Voyager Network, through the Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat platforms, regularly features videos discussing questions I receive from people I talk to regarding healthy habit maintenance, workout tips, nutrition and food tips, yoga, meditation, and other related holistic lifestyle questions. I also feature frequent motivational tips and stories from personal experiences to connect with my audience and help uplift them by realizing anything truly is possible if you put your mind, body, and soul to it.

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I love what I do for a living as a Holistic Health Coach. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than learning how to maximize my true potential and helping others do the same. Navigating through life as a modern-day man is an amazing adventure in and of itself, and I enjoy sharing knowledge from my experiences with other men who are in a similar stage in life so that they too can be the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves!

This is why I’ve dedicated my life to creating a powerful Holistic Health Network to encourage large-scale inner-growth across the globe and influence other men to break the stereotypes, represent themselves to their FULLEST, and allow their true souls to shine!

Youtube Channel– This channel is where you’ll see videos answering frequent fitness, weightlifting, and nutrition questions. There are also videos demonstrating proper exercise and weightlifting technique! Look for personal stories and tips for motivational purposes on a realistic, relatable level here as well!

Facebook Page– Here you’ll see fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness-related posts as well as some motivational content. Text posts, Youtube, and IG content regarding mentioned subjects are frequent as well.

Instagram– On the Vitamin Voyager Instagram channel you can follow mine and my clients’ bodybuilding progress from my mind-body-soul integrative nutrition program. You can also find food recipes and motivational messages as well as some photos from some of the places I travel to meet clients and potential clients.

Twitter– Follow @vitaminvoyager on Twitter for nutrition, fitness, holistic health, motivation, and mindfulness tips. I have my fun as well so expect some leisure activity posts as well (GO NINERS!!)  You can also follow this feed for more of the social and political aspects of holistic health.

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